Thursday, October 19, 2006

World Libraries Access Available!

WorldCat is the largest library network in the world. All WorldCat libraries (Portage Township Schools is one of them) provide access to their free resources on the Web where now most people start the search for information.

What will you find there? You can search for books, music CDs and videos. You can also link to digital content such as audiobooks you can download to your personal MP3 players. You may also find primary documents such as photographs, maps, abstracts, full-text articles and even perhaps digital versions of rare items that aren't available to the public at these libraries. Resources are available in many languages.

Can I check something out? Here's how you would do that: Go to (link is available in the websites' link section on the right).

  • Enter a title in the search box; click Search
  • List of titles appears; select the exact title you want by clicking on the title
  • In the Location box, enter your zipcode
  • Libraries that are the closest to your location AND that have the title are listed.
  • Select the library by clicking on it.
  • The library's online catalog will open and give you all the information you need to request that title if you are a registered user of that library or how to get it to your local library.

Try doing a search for Harry Potter or Deception Point by Dan Brown. You will see that PTS has both items and you can request them to be sent to your school building via intra-library loan by entering your barcode information!

Happy Searching the World!

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