Friday, February 09, 2007

CultureGrams -- Trial subscription

PTS faculty and students can for the next 27 days until March 7th try out CultureGrams Online. Some of you may remember the paper version of this product in the eighties. The online version covers world cultures. It comes in two version, the regular and a kid version, all from the same site. Users may click between the two versions. Each site offers the basic information about a country: the historical timeline, cultural and geographical information, maps, flags, and images. Also included are photos around the world, short biographies on the world's famous people, and a recipe collection that includes native recipes from all 190 countries included in the World Edition. The Kids' Edition includes 68 countries plus there is a special sections on the Canadian Provinces and the US.

To get to the trial click on CultureGrams above or here, enter the password (name of our school district; has 7 letters) (sorry, I can't write it here for the world to know). Once in the system, click on Culturegrams on the page.

Please send comments either to this post or to Lynn Duhamell as you and your students use it. It might be something that we need to add to our collection of online resources.

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