Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PTS Workshops called Open Labs

PTS offers "Open Labs" as a means of you getting individual help on one of your projects that you have developed. That can mean anything from developing/tweaking a formula for Excel, adding different report formats to an Access Database, answering STI questions to creating transitions in a PowerPoint presentation. There are several versions of "Open Labs" out there. Pick one that meets the area in which you need help or have questions. Stay as long as you like (or until the schedule time runs out).

We provide a trained person that can answer most of your questions and give you help. We do require that you sign up for a lab even though we do not pay you for your time, we do have to pay for the "answer person". If we don't have people sign up ahead of time, there is no lab for that night. This is not a "drop-in" kinda thing.

We will have some lab days this summer setup to cover just about anything you want to do. Usually they will happen on Mondays and you can just pop in, stay awhile, catch up on email, tweak a video project, plan with your team for the fall in a cool comfortable lab at the IMS.

We hope to see you afterschool or during the summer!

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