Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Saving E-mail

It has come to my attention recently that many of you do not know that you can save your email on your own local hard drive. You probably have noticed that after 30 days email disappears from your file cabinets that you thought you had saved. (that's 30 days from the time that particular email hit your inbox!). The question is WHY?

Let's see PTS has over 10,000+ email hitting our mailboxes each day plus all the attachments (documents and pictures) that are included in our mail. If all that was saved on the main email server, it would fill up and die in about three weeks. In fact, that is what happened in the early days of PTS getting email capability. While we have upgraded and increase the size of our email server, it just can not keep all the mail that we get. So it is set to delete mail 30 days from its arrival.

GroupWise does have a procedure already setup so that you, the individual, can save the email that matters to you on your local computer. The description of how to do this has been posted on our PTS Intranet for about two years. You will need to go the PTS Homepage; slide down the TOC (table of contents) on the left side to PTS Intranet. Put in your username and password. The Intranet appears; click on the Technology Tab at the top. (you may have to put in your username and password one more time); Select from the menu--Email.

You will need to do three things--Read "Setting up Local Archived File Directory", "Archiving Mail", and "Set up Local File Cabinets".

If you have any problems, your building's computer coordinator can help you. If you have problems getting into the Intranet, please email Lynn Duhamell.

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