Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Workshop Schedule Now Available!

The 2007 edition of the PTS Summer Technology Workshops is now available through STI-PD. There are several new classes being offered this summer. Here's a quick look at them:

  • Moodle 100, 101, and 200 classes take you through the beginnings of understanding and designing an online course management class. Join Jay Drew as he explains the ins and outs of Moodle while developing your own class. Learn the capabilities of Moodle, how to do online assignments, quizzing, and file sharing as well as wikis.
  • Star Office--Make the move! This class will give you the tools to seamless transfer learning from the Microsoft products to Star Office/Open Office suites.
  • Web Tools - Everything Google! Google is much more than a search engine, but we will explore that as well as looking at Google Earth, Book Search, Map search, Notebook (clip & collect articles as you surf), tech labs, gmail, calendar, docs & spreadsheets, sketchUp, translate, free software, and more.
  • Videos -- TeacherTube, YouTube and how to get and Use Them. Educational videos are abundant out on the Internet (so are many other types too!), but we are only interested in how we can find appropriate ones to use, convert them for use, post to website or blog or other communication pathway.
  • Video Editing with Pinnacle. Join Marcella Haupt as she explores this product in creating digital videos and includes editing from 1/2 VHS videos, video DV cameras, and more.
  • United Streaming--Get the most from this neat resource. Did you know that it includes more than just videos? Want online grading capability or a source for writing prompts or rights to create your own video from editable united streaming videos? Check it out!
  • If you missed Kidspiration, Inspiration, Blogging, there are classes on those as well.

How do you sign up for these classes? Go to the Portage homepage; scroll down until you see on the right-hand side STI-PD. Click it and then enter your username and password. If you do not remember your username, please call or email IMS secretary, Amy Leach, at extension 6350 and she will reset it to the default password.

Location, Location, Location! Classes are held at IMS (Instructional Materials Services bldg next to Aylesworth Elementary School) or at the Aylesworth Elementary School's computer lab. Please be sure to check where the class is when you signup. Most classes are scheduled for Tuesday through Thursday. Mondays are open lab days where you may pop-in at IMS to work on one of your project, get some help, check your e-mail, explore the web. There is no instruction generally available on Mondays, but you can get some help if needed.

All Portage Schools employees are welcomed to take these classes, however, Portage teachers get priority in taking these classes and are paid a stipend to attend. Other employees may be bumped from class if the class becomes full. Some classes are restricted to certain groups only.

If you have suggestions for other classes you would like to see offered, please email Lynn Duhamell with those suggestions.

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